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Quang Tri Trading  Corporation

(formerly Dong Ha Grocery and Foodstuff Agency, established in May 1973)




 In January 1993, Trading Company of Quang Tri was established

by merging the two companies:

Quang Tri General Trade Company and Dong Ha Trade Company





According to approval of the Prime Minister (Decision No. 139/2005/QD-TTg dated 13 June 2005),

the company is still the 100% state-owned capital enterprise:

Quang Tri Trading One Member Limited Company



At the Festival of Quang Tri Patriots, 3rd time, 2010,

the company is honoured to receive First Grade Labour Medal


In December 2013, The company is honoured to receive  3rd Grade Independence Medal 




In December 2014, the company is transfered to QuangTri Trading Corporation with the 57% state-owned capital enterprise


I. Main fields of trading:

- Import-export of materials, equipments, consumer goods

- Manufacturing and exporting tapioca starch and other agricultural products

- Service of restaurants, hotels and travel, resort

- Importing and supplying breeding and beef cattle imported from Thailand

- Supplying materials and other essential goods serving mountainous region


II. Products - Services:


- Consumer goods imported from Thailand (plastics, cosmetics...), sorts of beer, alcohol and soft drinks

- Tapioca starch, maize, peanuts

- Service of hotels, restaurants, resort

- Service of inbound and outbound tours

- Brahman, Charolaise breeding and beef cattle, feed for beef cattle

- Fertilizer

- Rubber

- Wood pellet

- Service of rescue, car repair; car accessories and spare parts

- Car accessories and spare parts

- Agricultural machines serving manufacture and raising




- Name of company:                          QUANG TRI TRADING CORPORATION

- International name:                               QUANG TRI TRADING CORPORATION

- Abbreviation name:                           SEPON GROUP

- Address:                                                   01 Phan Boi Chau, Dong Ha City, Quang Tri Province, Vietnam

- Tel:                                                             (+84)233 3853 031      -      (+84)233 3851 151

- Fax:                                                            (+84)233 3852 695

- Email: